Which quarterback would you rather have: Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers?

When it comes to quarterbacks in the NFL, two legendary players have separated themselves from the pack: Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Brady is easily the most accomplished quarterback, with five super bowl rings and three MVP awards. Rodgers is considered the most talented quarterback, with his arsenal of accurate throws and efficiency the league hasn’t seen. He’s also a two-time league MVP and a Super Bowl champion. Who would you rather have?


Two words: FIVE RINGS.

If you need a quarterback to win titles, look no further than TB12. Brady is a winner, and it’s always good to have that mentality behind center. Games are never out of reach if Brady is conducting the offense (28-3, anyone?) and he has been just as productive as Rodgers with less talent. People who think Rodgers is a better quarterback are blinded by hate and jealousy. There is no better quarterback than Brady.

Rings are a lazy argument when it comes to greatness. Real fans appreciate that Rodgers may not have multiple titles, but he is still a better quarterback. Brady has operated under Bill Belichick’s system that he knows like the back of his hand. Take him out of that system and the cracks will show.

Rodgers is a systemless quarterback who can make all the throws, improvise and scramble his way success. In his ten years as an official starter, he has thrown for 313 touchdowns and 78 interceptions. That kind of efficiency is impossible, but not for Aaron Rodgers, the best quarterback in the NFL.

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